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Hostess Gift Basket
$100.00 $65.00

Our Hostess Chocolate Gift Basket is the perfect gift for anyone, filled with a selection of premium chocolate gifts--from chocolate biscuits to coffee or hot cocoa! 
27 pc. Chocolate Gift Box: Assorted Belgian Chocolates with iconic flavors, caramels and dessert truffles.
30 pc. Nut & Chew Bucket Box: Crunchy nut and silky caramel pieces in our gold bucket box.
12 pc Signature Milk Biscuits: Crisp, buttery, and full of GODIVA's unmistakable chocolate richness.
12 pc. Dark Chocolate Heart Biscuit: Features traditional European heart-shaped biscuits that are topped with a dark chocolate tablet filled with smooth chocolate truffle crème.
1 Chocolate Truffle Coffee: chocolate flavor with a medium-bodied roast 10 oz.
1 Milk Cocoa Canister: Made with chocolate and the highest quality all-natural ingredient, cocoa is the ultimate hot chocolate indulgence that delivers a rich, smooth, and velvety drinking experience. 10 servings.