36 cookies for $36 delivered! $69.98 Value

The Best of Buttercream Sampler

We have created the ULTIMATE box of Cheryl’s buttercream frosted cookies just for you! This outstanding assortment includes all-time favorites like classic vanilla cut-outs and flower cut-outs, triple chocolate, our birthday sprinkle and wedding cake cookies, key lime white chocolate, orange citrus, lemon burst and strawberry sugar. Of course, we couldn’t leave out our decadent raspberry chocolate, mocha latte, butter pecan and salty caramel chocolate, just to name a few. Thirty-six cookies in all, eighteen different varieties – for only $36 + FREE GROUND SHIPPING!  If you like buttercream this is the assortment for you.  Our cookies are individually wrapped and freeze great, so stock up for summer! 36 cookies. OU D 

$69.98 value!