LEGO FRIENDS Hot Dog Van with 2 Minifigurines $3.50 (Reg. $29.99)

LEGO FRIENDS Hot Dog Van with 2 Minifigurines
Regular price $29.99

Find the best spot for your LEGO Construction Set Hot Dog Van in the amusement park. Join Stephanie and Nate on their crazy trip to the amusement park selling hot dogs. Market the van using the hot bun costume. You can grill sausages in the grill and when done, use the tongs to serve it in the sausage bun with a dash of sauce. Help your customers dine in the rooftop dining area of the van. You can have fun with the distorted mirror and click photos with the camera with instant photo function.

The hot dog van has a cash register, 2 barstools, a grill, driver's seat and a rooftop dining area
The roof of the van can be opened for easy access to the rooftop dining area
Accessory elements like hot dog buns and sausages, ketchup and mustard bottles, cherries, menu board, photograph, tongs, water bottle, bill and a photograph are included