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ClickN KIDS: offers promotion codes and coupons for ClickN' READ Phonics; see them below. ClickN' READ Phonics is the #1 trusted name in teaching kids to read. Thousands of US Schools and homes in over 100 countries use ClickN' READ's interactive, online software and individualized curriculum to help kids learn to read. ClickN' READ Phonics teaches the entire phonics curriculum required for K-3rd grade utilizing interactive cartoon lessons. The game-like environment of ClickN' READ makes learning fun and easy. ClickN' READ Phonics also works great for learning disabilities and adults learning to read English. With Internet access, ClickN' READ Phonics is available any time and anywhere from any computer.
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ClickN KIDS offers the worlds most advanced learn to read phonics and spelling programs. ClickN READ Phonics offers a complete PreK-3rd grade phonics curriculum, that teaches letter sounds, word blending, sight words, spelling, word families, silent E Rule, making sentences, sentence dictation, prefixes, suffixes, story reading, word recognition review and much more. ClickN SPELL is designed for K-5th grade and teaches 800 of the most commonly used words in the English language. Both programs reinforce listening skills and teach basic keyboarding and mouse computing skills.