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Go figure, this is an airline. Of all the airlines I've been on, this is not one of them. You can travel all sorts of cool places like Washington DC, Vietnam, Spain, Portugal. I'd like to go visit all those places, but I don't have enough time. With emirates coupons though, maybe I can afford it when I do get the time. How cool it would be to fly to Zimbabwe. It would probably take forever to get there though.

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Emirates Deals, Promotions, Special Offers and Coupons -- Emirates is a fast-growing, award winning, international airline that started out in Dubai, UAE. They are currently flying from airports in New York, Dallas, and Los Angeles among other US cities! Flights are long from the US to the Middle East and this is when Emirates 'quality over quantity' goal really shows through to their passengers. If you are traveling with infants or young children, Emirates does what they can to make the flight easier on you and your kids. All of their planes have bassinets, pillows, blankets, special kid's meals and more. Emirates is now serving over 100 destinations and has paired up with Alaskan Airlines and Jet Blue to connect you to almost anywhere!